New Formula, Now with More Magic!

The world's first all-vegan, 100% animal friendly alternative to bacon grease is here.

Born of necessity and mad science, 20 years of veganism, lots of traveling and being taunted by rich local foods in Mexico and the American South. Thus did Magic Vegan Bacon Grease come into the world, feet first. Southern Fried Greens? Check. Biscuits? Uh huh. Fried Peppers and Onions? Yup. Polenta? Tofu Scrambler? Perogies? Got you covered. Can you put it on toast? You don't want to know.

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease is 100% free of animal ingredients and can be used in place of lard or cooking oil in a wide variety of applications from frying to baking. And our new coconut based formula is even more magical, with no GMOs, no more hydrogenated oils, better consistency and same amazing taste.

Tell us what you did with it!

Recipe Of The Month:
Magic Vegan Southern Collards!

The first thing I made with MVBG and still the most common thing I use if for at home is greens. Some friends in North Carolina (the fine young men of the bands Low Sky / Torch Runner) introduced me to collards the way they were meant to be, and there was no turning back. So if you’re cracking open a jar for the first time and looking for something good to do with it…

Directions: Dice 1 onion and sautee it in 2tsp of MVBG and black pepper until light brown, and if you’re a fan of spicy, add a dash of Cholula hot sauce. Rinse and cut 1 bunch of collards into strips. I just grab the whole pile and cut through it so it’s in strands (technically you should roll the leaves and cut horizontally). I use the stalk too, it’s full of fibre and tastes great. Here you can add more MVBG if you like it greasier, as I do. Add greens to onions and oil and fry 5-10 minutes or until tender.

This same recipe can be done using beet, kale and lots of other kinds of greens (just beware of turnip, mustard and greens that have a sharper bite) but collards are the best as they have an intense underlying flavour that’s just right.

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The Big News:
Our New Formula Is GMO & Hydrogenation­ Free!

You Wanted It, You Got It!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Soy Protien (TVP), Sea Salt, Demerara Sugar, Black Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Torula Yeast, Natural Hickory Flavour, Maple Extract.

Allergens: Contains Soy (TVP) and Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can I Do With This Stuff?
More like what can't you do with it? Like the label says, "great for frying, cooking or baking almost anything". It's especially good for frying greens Southern Style (like collards, kale or brussel sprouts), loves to get all up in your Mexi-style fried peppers and onions or refried beans, is unafraid to get loose with your biscuits or scones, upstage the margarine in your vegan mac & cheese, get down with your tofu dogs & baked beans, the list goes on. So, you tell us!

New Recipe, You Say?
One Oil To Rule Them All! As of Spring 2014 we've switched to an even better recipe which phases out the former combination of four different vegetable oils (Canola, Soy, Hydrogenated Soy & Cottonseed) and replaces them with one great contender - a refined coconut oil, which is the perfect colour, consistency and taste. It is now free of GMOs, hydrogenation and trans fats, does not require refrigeration, and most importantly leaves MVBG tasting the same, if not even better. Thanks, coconut!

Is It Gluten­ Free?
Alas, though very very close, it is not. Mainly because of the possible cross-contamination of the soy protein with other non-GF vegetable flours. This is something we'll continue to work on though, and if and when possible, we'll go there.

What's With The Meaty­ Looking Bits?
That would be the 2tbsp of the dry ingredients mixed lovingly into every jar. They should ideally be handsomely distributed throughout the jar but they may settle to the bottom between our kitchen and yours, and this is normal. So, as you would with natural peanut butter, just open and stir it up so you get the good stuff all the way through.

How Do I Store It After Opening?
"In A Cool, Dark Place". Which is to say, in your cupboard. Cool because it is shelf stable at room temperature, and dark because if it sits in sunlight or too close to a hot stove, it will go melty. If this happens, just let it cool and stir it up again the next time you use it. You can refrigerate MVBG, but you don't have to. It will go rather hard when cold, so for best results you'll want to take it out 15 minutes or so before using.

What's The Deal With RBD Coconut Oil?
RBD is the term for coconut oil which has been refined from a crude extracted oil and made into an edible one. Here's the breakdown - "Refinement": It is refined mainly via washing through treated water, which removes the naturally occurring gums, fines of the seed meal and more. "Bleaching" or whitening of the oil removes the naturally occurring colour compounds, and contrary to the sound of it and the notion that charcoal or animal-based bone char is used here, ours is passed through natural bentonite clay, which absorbs the unwanted colour compounds and leaves the oil whiter in colour. Finally, it is "Deodorized" by passing steam through the hot oil, which evaporates the odours and flavours present.

Where Can I Get It?
We're working on that. The list is ever expanding from Southern Ontario outward. You can check our site at for stores that currently carry it in Canada and the US. Momentarily the webstore also on the main site will be activated, so you'll be able to order it anywhere that you can have it mailed to. Though international rates will vary, we'll try to make it as gentle as possible. And the moment we have official distribution (which is drawing very close) we'll let you all know.

How Can I Contact You Directly?
By emailing us at info at Veganmagic dot CC or dropping us a note on Facebook.

Do You Have A Catchy Back­ Story?
Why yes! "Born of necessity and mad science after 20 years of veganism, lots of traveling and being taunted by rich local foods in places like Mexico and the American South, and thus did Magic Vegan Bacon Grease come into the world, feet first. Southern Fried Greens? Check. Biscuits? Uh huh. Fried Peppers and Onions? Yup. Polenta? Tofu Scrambler? Got you covered. Can you put it on toast? You don't want to know."

I Thought That First Back Story Was Too Short. How About Something A Little More Involved?
Sure, why not? I don't have a food background at all, I come from the world of underground music. But I have been vegan for 20 years (since I was 19) and vegetarian since the first slaughterhouse video I saw at age 16 - on VHS, no less. When I was growing up in Hamilton ON, you were lucky to find tofu dogs in a supermarket. Now it's a huge industry (for better and worse) and we have endless options for substitutes, which makes it easier than ever for anyone to transition to a cruelty free diet without the withdrawal and culture shock. We can now make vegan chicken fingers, sausages enriched with useful amounts of protein and vitamins, and 7 layer nachos complete with vegan cheese that doesn't taste like melted plastic. Yay technology (sorry I talked so much smack on you. I guess you're alright)…but here was one thing that still just didn't exist in vegan form.

I travel a lot, pretty far from home. Over time I got jealous of the rich smells of foods I could almost but not quite eat, from the food carts of Tijuana to the soul food joints of the American South. I came home from tour determined to crack the case. Throw in a leaning towards mad science, and CC's Magic Vegan Bacon Grease came to be. I'd been making it at home for some time but in a bout of Toronto winter stir-craziness a few months ago I made some in quantity and took it to my friend's bakery, the one and only TBC. It flew out of there. I hadn't had any social networking up until now so I didn't realize the extent of the reaction until she said "dude, sit down…" And in a whirlwind of 8 or so weeks, a patent was filed and various crash courses were navigated. That and a whole lot of trial and error to get the recipe right with the ingredients that worked best. Delicious trial and error, mind you.

Vegan Bacon Grease is an obvious contradiction of terms, hence the Magic. I appreciate skeptical consumerism because I am one myself, and I have no wish to make this out to have great health benefits. That's more about what you put it on. Vegan or not, it's an oil based compound which makes things rich and well, super bacony. End of story. Since it's replicating lard in consistency and properties, the usual criteria about fats is kind of out the window, because in this case you need all the fats possible to make this work. Originally this was done with a mix of 4 condensed oils, one of them GMO and one of them hydrogenated, which despite it's bad rap was the binder that made MVBG not just a cup of oil. Thanks to our friend the coconut though, MVBG is now as good as it gets on that front, since it is naturally semi solid. A little goes a long way, and acts as your oil and salt when you bake, cook or fry with it. A serving is a mere 2 tsp, so please enjoy responsibly and avoid guzzling, snorting or shooting it up (your Rob Ford joke here: ____).

As someone getting a crash course in the world of commercial food, it's pretty daunting. I have as many products, companies and whole industries I like to avoid as most of you do, and MVBG is the result of steering around a lot of variables. Such as? To name a few; Palm oil and its self-appointed industry watchdogs. Big Oil. Small farmer bullying. Countries of origin with questionable labour and environmental practices (the list goes on). Aye Aye Aye, making something for fun/friends and making a product for real are two very different scenarios. But well worth braving the minefield for.

So now that the ball is rolling, we'll continue to do the best we can to make MVBG better and better. Thanks so much for all of your enthusiasm and support, and stay tuned as the plan for Magic Vegan Global Domination unfolds.

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